So I thought I’d start this off with a quick explanation of the last few weeks, the run up to my placement in Braunschweig has been, undeniably, rather hectic, the two weeks beforehand I had a total of 6,000 words in essay’s to hand in alongside a 2 hour exam consisting of three, 250 word, mini essays.

It is somewhat relieving that it has all worked out and I have finally finished my second year modules, I say “somewhat” as what lies ahead would be daunting to the most confident of people. No sooner had I finished my assessments, I was boxing up my belongings to drop off back at my parents house and then shipped off on the long trip to Germany, something which turned out to take a bit longer than planned, though I shall get to that in my next post.

I did, somehow, though manage to finish my assessments as well as organize my placements, accommodation, travel plans and hotel, as I was only informed roughly a week before I was to set off  that the office I was to pick my keys up from, for accommodation I was informed I had from the 1st of May, turned out to not actually be open on the 1st of May, anyway I ended up with a rather pleasant little hotel that I don’t mind spending my first night in so I can’t complain too much

I am definitely going to miss Chester and my friends that live there but I look forward to what lies ahead, the next year or so of my life will undoubtedly be rather exciting (or at least interesting), wish me luck

Josh x

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