Alles Gut!

I thought I should probably mention that these updates probably won’t always be as daily as they have been, there has just been a fair bit to write about recently, also I may start a second blog and translate these into German if I get round to it. So after the slight misery of yesterday I’m feeling a hell of a lot better. The weather is a lot more comfortable, so I don’t feel as exhausted, my placement looks a lot more promising and after settling in I feel a lot better about my accommodation.

After a short trip to the international office to pick up my contract I dropped in for a chat to try and rid myself of a fair bit of confusion. Though I am supposed to be here for a short work placement in the university it looked a lot more like a study placement, thankfully I had just gotten very mixed up and I now have an appointment next week to get things started, good times.

Now I just need to find a cheap pan, some cutlery and a method of making toast without using the hob.

Josh x

P.S. Was told my German is better than some of last year’s students, very happy

P.P.S. Thunderstorm last night, lighting somehow looks a lot more epic in Germany (pics below)

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One Response to Alles Gut!

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Josh, I hope you are settling in well. Things will seem really strange at first but you will settle in and everything will be great. Just think of all the friends you will make and the fun you will have, not to mention the life experience this is giving you x

    If you need anything just drop me a text or a message on Facebook – I will send my number over Facebook too in case you need it x

    I am going to be following your Blog and look forward to reading how your big adventure unfolds x Much Love
    Sharon x

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