Getting started :/

I’m currently writing this offline as I don’t actually have internet at the moment, with luck I should be getting it tomorrow providing the international office find my contract. Today was somewhat of a downer, I left my nice cosy hotel room and decided to get a taxi to the international office as I had too much luggage and a tram would have been a bit of a nightmare, also there still would have been quite a walk from the nearest stop. The taxi ride I found to be quite amusing, with a tagline that translates as “Braunschweigs friendliest taxi service” it was hilariously ironic when the taxi driver started beeping her horn and shouting at people.

On arriving at the international office and wandering round for far too long scanning office signs I finally found someone who could help me, unfortunately my contract and actual key seem to have been misplaced so I ended up with the spare. The room is….ok, there is nothing that significantly stands out yet it isn’t what I’m used to, I’m sure I can live with it though.

On returning to the office to pick up my stuff I was unaware of what was to come, it turns out the placement I thought I had wasn’t actually a set up as I had expected, we then had to rush through an application and I’m currently snowed under with various forms, honestly I feel a little lost, I’d like to see the bright side of things but everything seems a bit of a mess.

I know in the first week many people feel like they want to go home, honestly I’d rather just go back to the hotel.

Josh x

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