Time to get some work done

Schloss Arkaden, Braunschweig

So, it has officially now been a week since I arrived here, I have to say it feels much longer, it has had its ups and downs, moments of excitement as well as frustration, though I am happy to report that I am now well settled and rather enjoying my surroundings, I have gotten to know the city center properly and notably had the pleasure of wandering into the “schloss arkaden” (a huge,¬†surprisingly well disguised shopping center, built into the old city center palace).

I unfortunately haven’t much to report from the recent weekend as I spent it catching up with some much needed R&R after a rather hectic week. I did spend a fair bit of time with friends from my course at Chester which was fun though discussions did lead to us realizing how much of a struggle the workload in the coming weeks may be.

I will therefore apologize if the next few weeks posts a few and far between, I hope to make up for it after I have submitted my assessments, to give a brief glimpse into my workload I have two 1000 essays to write, a portfolio of documents on the university to collect and a brief summary on each of them to write, as well as an interview and writeup of said interview, all of this to be posted by 7th of June, a rather odd task seeing as the work is supposed to relate to my whole placement yet has to be written within the first month, the first two weeks of which have not actually been spent on my work placement, I sometimes worry that Chester university wishes to turn me into a recluse.

I can find reassurance however in the fact that after this I have 2 months in which to enjoy Germany =D

Josh x

P.S. Meeting with the English tutor on Thursday to sort my placement out and get things started, wish me luck

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