Things I have learned

Germans probably don’t understand the potential for misreading the English translation of the “Schindler Lift…system”

Pedestrians should walk on the non-tarmac section of the pavement unless they wish to be run over by a bike

Cyclists don’t necessarily have to stick to the cycle path

Red lights mean nothing

There is nothing wrong with tap water, contrary to the opinions of most Germans

Smiling and nodding gets you nowhere

It is polite to say bye to people in a lift

Aldi is most likely one of the only places in the world in which food is sold alongside clothing or superfluous items such as egg cookers and garden ornaments but not pans, cutlery or crockery

Taps can reach a temperature adequate to make a half decent cup of tea

Ikea is amazing

Lack of internet for even a short period of time is a pain in the arse which can lead to immediate feelings of isolation and helplessness 😦

Things get better 🙂


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